Rotogravure Printing Machine


Rotogravure Printing Machine 2500 HIGH SPEED

GRAPHICA Series is a newly developed machine in the Rotogravure Printing Machine category.
It is a product developed with the help of continuous research and development.
Graphica 2500 is the most advanced Rotogravure Printing Machine developed by the C. Trivedi & Co. it not only holds aesthetic value but also delivers straight forward brilliant solutions which ensure high optimization and dependability together with end product quality and versatility, meeting the demand of a fast evolving business.

High Speed rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine


Salient Features
  • Heavy duty & highly precision machined structure to give accurate printing at high speed
  • Unwind & Rewind Turret Type at both end are Heavy duty constructed with imported safety chucks, Shafts, Servo Motors with Linier Type Auto Splicing at full speed With Ultrasonic edge guide.
  • Machine can be provide without Turret with Shaft less / Shafted unwind Rewind.
  • Machine is Heaving option of fix type Ink Circulation System with Tray & Tank. Or Can be provided with Ink Trolley system with ink circulation by pneumatic or Flame Proof Motorized Pump with Tank.
  • Machine is fully equipped with Unwind & Rewind static control + special type explosion proof static bar provided before & after printing on each station.
  • Machine can be provided in MLS / Shaft Less & ELS design.
  • Special Type dancer system provide for Unwind & Rewind Tension Control with individual air tank for continuous air.
  • Machine can provided with Imported Auto Registration Control & web video system.
  • Skada base machine controlled ensure one touch recall all process parameters & MIS.
  • Remote support via Internet.
Technical Specification
  • Maximum Web width : 800 / 1000 / 1200mm
  • Maximum operating Speed : 250 MPM
  • Print Repeat Range : 450 to 1000mm (1200mm on demand)
  • Printing Materials: Foil, Paper, Polyester, BOPP, PP, PVC, LDPE etc..
  • Drying Source : Electrical / Thermic Fluid / Gas
  • Dryer : Closed Type single side drying oven
  • Dimension of Printing Station : 650 x 3100 x 55 & 30mm
Optional Attachment

• Ink Viscosity Control & Ink Cooling System
• Chilling Roll on each station
• Ink Print defect system
• ESA System on each station.
• Turn bar system with web guide & Air flow in turning pipe.


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