Doctoring Machine Autodoct

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Doctoring Machine AutodoctInspection Cm Salvage Rewinder

In any paper, film & foil conversion industry, "SLITTING" is invariably the last operation to be performed. At the time of slitting, irrespective of the brand and type of slitting machine employed, ten to twelve percent of the output (i.e. One out of 10 or 8 slit to size bobbins) is not of saleable quality.

This is a Harsh practical fact and the reason thereof are quite well known.
The model is specially designed for correcting badly wound roller for removing the misregistered and rejected material before it goes to final delivery, in order to rectify salvage such rejection, the Doctoring machine has been specially developed through the R & D efforts at C.T.

Narrow Web Slitting Cum Doctoring (Inspection Machine)

  • Mechanical Web Gripper & Cross Cutting Slot on Inspection Table.
  • Removable Slitting Station
  • Adjustable Slitting assembly at the running speed.
  • Individual Drive for both rewind station Synchronize with Nip and slitting Drive.
  • Speed Indicators Mt. / Min, Length Counter / Batch Counter.
  • Inspection Mounting Facility for Strobe Light & Video Vision. Individual Slip ring for each roll.
  • Web Width: Up to 400mm
  • Unwind Dia: Up to 800mm
  • Rewind Dia: Up to 250mm Two Stage
  • Machine Speed: 125 MPM
  • Cutting: Circular & Razor Knife Inspection: 300mm
  • Edge Guiding system
  • Auto Tension control For unwind
  • Auto Tension control for Rewind
  • Strobe Scope
  • Video Scope
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Online Drying System
  • Air Shaft for unwind

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