Lamination Combi (Solventless)

Webmate SL

Lamination Combi (Solventless) Machine

C. Trivedi has developed special type import substituted Solventless machine with new development of combi lamination with zero change over facility of job, this machine is not only run Solventless at high speed but newly design to get even Solventbase lamination at resonably good speed.

Solventless Lamination Machine Combi High Speed

Webmate Lamination Machine Combi SL

Lamination (Solventless) Machine - Video

Salient Features
  • Heavy Duty M.S. Structure
  • Individual foundation base
  • Imported Heating System
  • 5 Roll Coating System
  • Ultrasonic Web guide system
  • Individual Exhaust at both end
  • Separate coating station for solvent base
  • Separate drying chamber for solvent base
  • Separate exhaust system for solvent base
  • Separate motor for solvent base
  • Separate web path for both material
  • Sophisticated drying chamber for solvent base with minimum drying chamber length
  • Pneumatic lifting for dryer
  • Catwalk arrangement for web theading of solvent base
  • Facility to separate both machine in future if want to run both the machine individually

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