Lamination (Solventless)

Webmate SL

Lamination (Solventless) Machine

C. Trvedi has developed special type import substituted solventless machine to getting optimum quality of coating evenness with in cooperate with world class equipment, sophisticated tension control system to get high quality of coating at high speed to get maximum production at reasonable price and also it take care of large quantity of laminates in non-messy & organized manner.

Solventless Lamination Machine

Webmate Lamination Machine SL

Lamination (Solventless) Machine - Video

Salient Features
  • Heavy Duty MS Structure
  • Individual Foundation base
  • Imported Heating System
  • Dosing Pump
  • 5 Roll Coating System
  • Ultrasonic web guide system
  • Individual Exhaust at both end
Technical Specification
  • Web width: 800mm / 1000mm / 1200rnm
  • Unwind Rewind Dia: 800-1000mm
  • Machine Speed 300/350 MPM
  • Material to be laminated

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