Incpection Rewinder


Full Width Inspection Rewinder Machine

In any paper, film & foil conversion industry, Inspection Rewinder is now essential for the industry, before doing Lamination or Slitting or Extrusion BOPP for further process.

Now a days Wastage central of material is known key part of profit.

The model is specially designed for correcting badly print miss print roller for removing the misregistered and rejected material before it goes to further Lamination in order to rectify miss print such rejection, . This machine can also be use for the removal of edge trims, doing some job for slitter.

Inspection Rewinder Machine
  • 60mm Heavy duty & Robust structure with individual foundation base.
  • Servo motor base unwind & rewinding for precise tension control system at high speed & design for reverse winding & unwinding.
  • Line or Edge Guiding system.
  • Pneumatic gripping system for holding the web while cutting or removing the material from the unwinder or rewinder. With specialized cutting slot on S.S. Table.
  • Special Type individual Motorized salvage rewinder for wastage material.
  • Full width strobe light synchronizedwith machine speed provided on rewinder.
  • Both side touch screen provided to operate the machine from any of side.
  • Trimming System to cut both side edge width inspection
  • Max. web width : 1200mm / 1000mm
  • Unwind & Rewind both dia.: 800mm up to 1000mm
  • Machine speed: 450 MPM
  • Web Video system
  • Full width defect detection system

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